I’m Prashasti.

I love skies. I’m a huge fan of pretty skies. And I’m pretty sure it’s evident from the photo gallery. I like doing a lot of things, and I’m not necessarily good at them – like photography and writing. Simple things satisfy me. I’m a kid inside out when it comes to being around people I love and who I’m most comfortable with. I absolutely LOVE bubbles and balloons, and those little popups that come up when you use the heart emoji on facebook messenger. It isn’t hard to please me. I’m simple, yet very complicated to understand. This blog is something that I’ve been giving a third attempt to. Welcome to my life and vivid thoughts, I’m sure there’ll be something that’ll leave you thinking from here.

Psx – That’s the link of my very first post, I’ve explained myself better there, plainly because of the fact that I was smart enough to fill this section of my blog AFTER I posted three posts.